adjective: integral /ˈɪntɪɡr(ə)l,ɪnˈtɛɡr(ə)l/

noun: transition /tranˈzɪʃn,trɑːnˈzɪʃn/

Therapy, Bodywork, Relaxation and Development are the main fields of what Integral Transition aims to provide.

It’s a unique approach to the human mind and body created over 30 years of adventures, experiences and learning.

The Inspirations range from martial art to current academic knowledge. These techniques allow a multilayered, holistic approach to solving problems and a deeper understanding of our functioning.

Conscious movement, behaviours, action, overriding our habits and an insight into our internal processes allows us to truly choose what is adequate in a given situation.

The ultimate goal is learning how to freely manifest on a physical, mental and emotional level towards Your full potential.

I’m inviting You on a journey of change, development and discoveries. Anyone can walk these paths, the journey is Yours I’m here only to assist.

Nature may reach the same results in many ways.

There are lots of models and theories describing almost all possible human experiences. Science- will try to predict outcomes, religion will attest and judge, but only internal EXPERIENCE is what truly exists.

Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.

We manifest on many levels and it’s good to have a variety of ‘paths’ that we can walk, some are more comfortable, some may seem unfamiliar.

We walk these ‘paths’ to discover and learn about ourselves and whatever surrounds us. Everyone has their own unique journey. Along the way we learn to differentiate, we all gather ‘good’ and ‘bad’ experiences, hopefully develop.

These ‘paths’ can bring change on a physical, emotional and on a perception level.

I want to share my knowledge and assist You in discovering more… about Yourself.